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We have exclusive distribution on many of these top selling brands.

To order, please see trade only section where you will find our catalogues. 




With 36 flavours to choose from, The Jelly Bean factory are an Irish company that use no GMOs or artificial colours or flavours in the making of the delicious treats. 

teapigs make a big thing about using quality real tea. By quality real tea, we mean whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs and whole flowers.

It's all about the flavour.

Every 9bar is made with a unique blend of wholesome seeds including sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, sesame and  hemp, while some of our bars also add delicious crunchy nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts.

What a snack! 

Bounce Energy Balls are an amazingly convenient and

tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy.

They’re great nutrition for when you’re on the go - or at any time you don’t

want to compromise on what you eat.


Made only with premium quality ingredients, Bounce Energy Balls are what you need to support your healthy, active lifestyle and help you feel good at any time of day.

Energising and nutritious

Tasty & convenient

Amazingly filling & satisfying

Packed with nutrients



NUA Natural is a family-run supplier of organic raw foods and superfoods. Their products are all ethically sourced and organic where possible, and their aim is to provide natural, unprocessed food, just as nature intended. This ensures that all the beneficial enzymes and nutrients that cooking can remove are retained, and that none of the nourishing qualities of your food are lost.

IRISHTOWN gets its name from the historic neighbourhood around St Canice’s Cathedral in Kilkenny. The rich fertile land of this region and its favourable mild, moist climate are ideal for growing great tasting oats

Our farmers combine centuries old traditions in oat growing with modern skills and technology to grow gluten free oats to the highest standards of purity. We guarantee that all aspects of growing, harvesting, milling and packing are strictly controlled and fully traceable.

It’s the awesome combination of high fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals that makes oats a versatile superfood.

Eat right, stay brilliant

At Rude Health we only use the kind of ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen – nothing artificial, nothing refined. We source our ingredients from fields, orchards and vines – not laboratories. We think food should be made out of food – not thickeners, preservatives, colourings, flavourings and other additives. The proof is in the taste, try it for yourself. When you’ve got food this good inside you, you’ll be up for anything.

  • *Clean ingredients

  • *No refined sugars

  • *No artificial anythings

  • *Non-GM










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